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We are hoping this beautiful girl finds her way back into the whelping box this Summer!  Raven has a hot date with a handsome blue merle man as soon as she comes into heat.  

Our waiting list for these puppies is full!  CWe are expecting black tris and blue merle puppies.

Tucker is hoping to be a Dad once again.  Thanks to the people of Tresrullah Aussies, he will be entertaining one of their black tri girls when she is in heat later on this year.  This will also be a litter of black tris and blue merles.

Tucker Show.jpg

We are hoping to be able to keep a female puppy from one or both of these litters for showing and to keep this wonderful pedigree going in our breeding program.  Please contact us if you would be interested in becoming a guardian/co-own home for one of these puppies.

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