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Ok, so now you think you've found the perfect breed.  Great....and now?

Puppies are cute, but they can also be destructive.  Be prepared for that pair of Birkenstocks to be chewed because you didn't put them away and out of the reach of the puppy.  Also, Grandma's antique chair...yes, that could be used as a teething device for the unsupervised pup.  And, depending on the breed, you will never have that showroom home again.  There will be dog hair around your home, no matter how much you vacuum.  Your favourite black dress might have some dog hair as an accessory.  

If you live in a home, you will need a fence.  This is to keep your dog contained in a safe space, but it's also to keep out things that might harm your dog!  Your next door neighbour may have a lawn maintenance company coming in to spray for weeds - you want to keep your puppy far away from that!  And while electrical fencing is an option for keeping your dog in, it doesn't keep wild animals and dog thieves out.  Also, when your dog runs thru the fence, it will get zapped.  Many people have lost a dog because when it wants to come back into the backyard, it will get zapped again and it doesn't want that.  


Good Breeders or Rescues typically sell their dogs as family pets which will be a part of the family home. Most will not sell to an owner who intends to warehouse the dog in an outbuilding or tie the dog outside.  Also, to keep your dog safe in the house, breeders recommend crate training.  That way, when you aren't able to supervise them (like at night) you know where they are and that they aren't chewing on electrical cords.  

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