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Thank you for your interest in Holler Aussies!  So, what does having a Holler Aussie mean?

The purpose of Holler Aussies is to improve the Australian Shepherd structure, temperament and health in our breeding program.  As a result, we produce a very limited number of puppies per year from parents who are proven in the show ring.  

We raise our puppies using Puppy Culture protocols in hopes of producing dogs that minimally react to new and stressful situations.  Our puppies are raised to be loyal family companions.

While we do wean our puppies onto kibble, we feed our adult dogs raw.  Why, you ask?  Here is a link to a website that explains the benefits of raw feeding:  Feeding raw should never be complicated.  There are many companies that sell pre-made raw food that are very good.  You can check out the following:  Big Country Raw, Iron Will Raw and Alpha Dog Raw, which is where we get our raw food from.  

We strongly believe that we are responsible for a puppy from the moment we decide to breed the parents until the dog is no longer on this Earth.  That's why we offer 24/7 breeder support to all our puppy owners.  We will take the puppy back at any time, at any age for any reason should the puppy no longer fit into the family.  We have a Facebook group for Holler Aussie family so puppy owners can see their puppy's siblings and chat with other Holler Aussie puppy owners.  

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