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Adults Available

From time to time we might have adult dogs available.

We consider an adult dog any dog over 1 years old.  These dogs will be available through no fault of their own.  Some might be retiring from our breeding program, some might be puppies we grew out and now that they over the age of 1, they aren't turning out the way we had hoped.  This doesn't mean there is anything wrong with these dogs!  We are just looking for a home for them where they can retire on a couch and be the only dog in the house.

We are thinking of finding a home for Kenzie.  She is a wonderful girl and she's not going to just anyone!  I am in no rush to find Kenzie a new home.


Kenzie needs to be the only dog in the house.  She is a sweet, funny girl who knows manners, is crate trained, leash trained and would make a wonderful agility dog or hiking partner.  Contact us if you think you might be interested in sharing your home with this amazing girl.

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