From time to time we have a puppy we would like to keep in our breeding program and have shown, but we can't keep them all!  When this happens, we look for co-own or guardian homes where the puppy can live with a family and be a puppy, but also be able to come back for us to show and use in our breeding program.

What we are looking for in a co-own/guardian home:

Must love dogs

Live within an hour to an hour and a half away from us

Take care of basic dog care (food, vaccinations, etc).

Return the dog to us to show (we would send a schedule of the shows we intend on going to for the year and would enter the puppy in mutually agreed upon shows)

Return the dog to us for health testing (this would be after the dog's 2nd birthday - the dog would need to have it's hips and elbows x-rayed, it's eyes tested and, if not already done, have it's genetic testing done.  This is all covered by us!)

Return the dog - if it's a male, to us to use as a stud dog after it's testing has been done

                               - if it's a girl, to us to breed and then again a week before the expected whelp date and she would remain with us for 8 weeks after the puppies are born.

Work closely with us if you'd like to learn to show a dog 

The advantages to being a co-own/guardian home:

You are buying a show dog for the pet price

There is a contract in place and at the end of the contract (usually a set number of litters - no more than 3 - for the girls and a specific age for the males) the dog will be signed over to you and 100% in your name

Fees related to breeding are covered by us, but that will benefit the co-own/guardian home as well

If the dog is a girl, there will be compensation for the length of time she is away from your family while having puppies

If the dog is a boy, we can work out something for compensation for the time he is away from your family while being used as a stud

If you are wanting to get into showing, this is your chance!  We will already be planning shows, you can come along and learn the ropes and show your dog if you are interested.

So, you are asking what the disadvantages are:

If the puppy is a girl and she passes all her health testing, she could be away from your family for 2+ months a few times in her life.

There will be weekends the puppy is out at shows with us - if you don't want to get involved with showing

There will be penalties if the contract isn't followed

Let us know!  There are other elements too, to co-owning a Holler Aussie pup.  Contact us to talk about the possibility of becoming a co-own/guardian home.