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April 2016 - Holler Aussies is officially a breeding kennel!!  Our first litter is born and we are over the moon happy!!


Raven enters her first shows and goes Best Baby Puppy in TWO Shows!! (UKC)  What a start to her show career.  October of 2016 was Tucker get his Grand Championship under the guidance of Paige Wandzel (one of our mentors and good friends).  In November, Raven was shown at the Caledon Kennel Club shows and was awarded 3 points towards her Championship.


March saw Ryder start the road to his Canadian Championship with the shows in Orangeville where he earned his first 2 points.  In June, Ryder earned 3 more points in one weekend in Caledonia.  August saw Ryder earning 3 more points at the Grey-Bruce shows in Owen Sound.  And in November, we were back in Orangeville where Ryder earned 3 more points.  Four weekends out and he is officially our FIRST CKC Canadian Champion!!


February 2018, we added Kenzie - Hearthside Eloquence, to our kennel.  She came from Hearthside Australian Shepherds in the US.  We thank Betsy from the bottom of our hearts for allowing this girl to become part of our home!  In March, Kenzie made her show debut.  In July, Kenzie earned her first 2 points at the Kawartha Show in Norwood. In November she earned 2 more points at the Aurora show at the International Centre.


What a way to start the 2019 show season off!!  Kenzie earns 4 points while we are at the Wildwood show in Woodstock!!  In August, Kenzie earned 4 more points and officially becomes a CKC Champion AND earns a couple of points towards her CKC Grand Championship!! Also in August, Raven earns 2 more points while we are at the Barrie show. Not to be outdone by Kenzie and Raven, Tucker goes BEST VETERAN IN SHOW and becomes the #2 Aussie Veteran in Canada for 2019.  We also bred Holly again and had our first all red litter.  From this litter, we kept Cedar - Holler's Forever Grateful.  Look up Cedar under our Co-Owned dogs.




In February, Cedar entered the ring as a baby puppy.  He was off to a good start and had fun running around with other baby puppy Aussies.   March saw Cedar back in the ring as a baby puppy and Kenzie in as a Special where she earn points towards her Grand Championship.  

Then COVID-19 hit and dog shows were cancelled.


Sky - Holler's Je T'Aime (Cutie x Tucker) tried her paw at the dog show world with her co-owner, Jamie.  I'm so proud of this team!  While they didn't get any points towards her CKC Championship at the show, they sure did look good out there!

Sooner - BIS, CKC GCHS, AKC CH Tresrullah's Holler At Ya Boy finished 2021 as the NUMBER ONE AUSSIE, male!  So very proud of Team Sooner!  I cannot thank Emily Burdon enough for showing him to perfection every time they stepped out into the ring.  I can't thank Brenda and Paige - there are just no words - for allowing me to be co-breeder and co-owner on such and extraordinary dog!


Dog shows are slowly coming back!  Kenzie is a mere 6 points away from her CKC Grand Championship, so we are going to go for it before she steps away for her first litter.  


Thanks to Andrew, Kenzie is now CKC GCH Hearthside Eloquence!!  So thrilled!  And very happy for her breeder as well!

July 2, we welcomed six beautiful Sooner x Kenzie puppies!  Three girls and three boys.  All but one have moved on to find their new homes.  We are keeping a little blue merle girl named Holler RockRidge Things People Say - Rumour.  She's so sweet and she will be co-owned with Andrew of RockyRidge Mini Americans.  I cannot WAIT to see what happens!!

Rumour and I went to spend some time at the COASC Show being held just around the corner from us.  Rumour walked away with a Best Baby Puppy in Show from esteemed Breeder/Judge Valerie Yates.  Only dog people will understand what a huge compliment that is!!

Ah November, here we are and Rumour and I went to play at the CNASA Ontario Regional Specialty where she was awarded Best Baby Puppy in Specialty Show!!  Thank you to judge Donna Conod for finding Runour and awarding her so highly!!

On a sad note, we lost the cornerstone of Holler Aussies early in the morning on January 13th.  Tucker was having fun and being his normal self at 6am in the morning.  By 8am he was gone.  We will never get over the loss of this wonderful boy!  He didn't like showing, but would "put up" with it for a few of his favorite people.  Rest east my Prince!  Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.


Where do I start on what happened in 2023?  

Rumour.  My girl.  She leaves 2023 with 8 points towards her championship and that's where the story ends.  The older Rumour got, the more it was becoming obvious that she was not going to turn out to be the show dog we were hoping.  She is now living her best life (since the end of December 2023) with her Aunt Sadie (from our second Tucker x Holly litter) and Sadie's people.  Rumour has two kids to help Sadie look after and keep rounded  Not going to lie, I miss her more than words.  I had such high hopes for her.  However, she is in a good home with wonderful people and she's not that far away!  

A chance email with a picture that I got December 2022 has brought Bo (was Hunter) into the show ring!  Bo is Rumour's full litter brother.  Bo was sold as a pet with the understanding, because he is a Tucker grandson, that he wouldn't be fixed until at least 3 years old so I could do health testing and perhaps breed and/or collect him for the future.  I asked his people if they would be willing to let me show him and they agreed.  The first show he walked into the ring like he'd done this a million times before!  And he got his first point!  We took him to Owen Sound, where he amazed me even more by getting a Group 2nd and a Group 4th!!  In November, he got the last points he needed to become a CKC Champion, and he's earned a couple of points towards his Grand!  Bo and I will be in the ring in 2024 working on his Grand Championship and might just take a trip or two across the Border to see what we can do in AKC.

All in all, 2023 has been a good year for us!  No puppies, but there will be some in 2024.

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